Menefee Architecture | 1075 Brady Avenue Office Renovation
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1075 Brady Avenue Office Renovation


1075 Brady Avenue Office Renovation


The building is a culmination of commitment to thoughtful, detail-oriented, and sustainable design and development. The 4,100 square foot building is an adaptive reuse of a muffler shop. The building is LEED® Silver certified, and was the first LEED-NC architect’s office in the state of Georgia. It is accessible to two MARTA bus lines, and within walking distance to several neighborhood restaurants and services. With highly-reflective roofing, as well as innovative hardscape removal, abundant landscaping and shade trees, the urban heat island effect is greatly reduced. Low-flow plumbing fixtures as well as landscape reduce water demand and the use of energy-efficient mechanical and lighting systems result in a 41% energy cost reduction over a baseline design case. Tabletops and freestanding shelves from the old office was reused to produce new built-in bookshelves and desks. Rapidly renewable materials are present in flooring and insulation. Low-VOC carpet systems and paints were specified. The studio space is completely daylit and occupants have individual controls of HVAC diffusers. Only Green Seal certified cleaning agents are used in building maintenance. Brief descriptions of specific LEED credits are printed on walls throughout the building to educate visitors of the building’s sustainable design principles.

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